Cass County




Beulah Township

Photos taken by his great-uncle Loe Olds were submitted by Steven Olds.

Loe Olds
at his cabin near Mae

Beulah Township Board
Left to Right: Jenkins, Robinson, Stratton, and Loe Olds

"Cyclone Express
in the Far North"
possibly near Mae at Egg Lake

"One Hour's Fishing"
Sep 1911 at Egg Lake
Rufus Fleming

"The Season's Bag"
Nov 1911
Burt Olds, son of Loe, on left

"Deer Hunting"
Nov 1911
near Mae


Remer photos were submitted by Minnesota Historical Society. The people were identified by Esther (Pound) Anderson White.

Bethany Lutheran Church
Confirmation Class of 1932

Back Row, Left to Right: Unknown, Ruth Backstrom, Unknown, Raymond Fanth, Oscar Sorum, Unknown, Unknown, Harold Backstrom, Margaret Edlund, Effie Sorum

Front Row, Left to Right: Evelyn Satterstrom, Unknown, Reverend Gunderson, Elsie? Eklund, Unknown, Florence Satterstrom

Remer Hotel

Depot agent Ed Trombly standing by an out-going shipment of Hicks Wild Rice at the
Remer Soo Line Depot circa late 1920s to early 1930s

German Prisoner of War Camp

Residence on Big Sand Lake near Remer




Pillager photos were submitted by Lori Hardow.

Hardow Family Home
in Sylvan Township, Pillager
around 1910

Hulda, Clara, Joseph, Lars, and Franz Hardow

Pillager School about 1907
Martin, Louise, and Anna Gerrels marked in red

First Pillager School
circa 1907

Pillager School
built circa 1913
demolished circa 1990

Pillager Train Station

Standing: George Gerrels, Anna Gerrels Hardow, Martin Gerrels, Frances Hardow, William Gerrels, Ethel Bingham Gerrels, Anna Berndt Gerrels, Herman Gerrels, Dorthy Berndt, Margaret Dilley Gerrels

Kneeling Adults: Louise Gerrels, Hilda Rupp Gerrels

Children: Beatrice, Audrey, Elwanda, Elsworth, Wilbur, Judy, & Leota Gerrels

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